The multi-year, and recognized, experience of the RAD personnel in Blue Teaming blends with the knowledge of the highly specialized Red Teaming personnel to provide clients with an integrated, multi-disciplinary, and multi-technological approach for the assessment and securing of their infrastructure. The followed methodologies and approaches allow for the maximization of benefits for the client with the optimization of costs and the effort necessary to target the fixed security objectives.

RAD, furthermore, does not limit itself to carrying out a security assessment, but offers a complete strategy that begins with the identification of possible attackers, of their possible objectives and strategies, or attack path, keeping under close consideration the peculiarities, the perimeters and the strengths of each client.

The value of this approach is in being able to prioritize the activities of remediation and hardening on the weakest and most exposed points of the infrastructure and it is made possible via the skills that permit the RAD staff to identify with both the attackers and the defenders and to take advantage of both points of view to maximize the result obtained.

The experience developed permits the offering of an ample range of services that include:

  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Threat Modeling
  • Code Review
  • Vulnerability Assessment/ Management
  • Penetration Testing
  • Attack Path Simulation

as well as activities in support of the developers, of systems engineers and company processes for:

  • Development of secure applications and training
  • Security of systems and of architecture (hardening)
  • Awareness campaigns