Risk is always a matter of impact but also related to probability, these means that something could happen, it will happen, sooner or later.

Nowdays being victim of a cyberattack has a really high probability.

Being hit is unavoidable is some cases, these does not mean that prevention is not important but that once you get hit it become meaningless. So the most important thing once you get it is not what have you done to avoid it but what you will do to react.

The sum of processes, technologies and methodology used to react to a cyber attack is named incident response, being ready, trained and properly equipped is a must! Essere pronti a sostenere l’impatto di un attacco con personale specializzato e con i giusti processi e tecnologie risulta fondamentale!

RAD will support your company to build a proper incident response program troughout its specific offering:

  • Incident Response Platforms (Design, integrate, customize and deploy).
  • SOAR Platforms (Security automation and orchestration)
  • Digital Forensics
  • Emergency Response Team
  • Design of SOC procedures to support a proper incident management. (Playbook and processes)