The digital transformation process that is taking place, will be leveraging digital identities, so the Identity and Access Management topic will be not just a CISO concern only, but on the contrary, it will impact whole company wide both on a compliance standpoint (GDPR, PCI, etc) than as a business opportunity. More and more organizations leverage on external resources, SaaS applications and IaaS platform to perform their job. All these new kind of cloud resources require organizations to manage, control and govern privileges and accesses their workforce has in relation to these resources. Considering the greater threat exposure cloud applications and services have compared to on-prem resources, it is even more important for organizations ensure the enforcement of all security practices – in term of, visibility, management, and overall governance – to mitigate the related risks.

In addition to security needs just described, continuous cyberattacks – aimed to take possession of data and critical business information – as well as data exfiltration episodes put in place by internal threat actors too, have led to the definition of security laws and regulations even more restrictive. These regulations, that organization need to comply with, aim to require organizations to enforce security countermeasures to mitigate the risks derived from unconditioned and unauthorized access to sensitive data and resources. This makes it necessary a disruptive approach change moving the focus of security strategies. Before many elements of security strategies were based in some ways on the perimeter concept, today this approach cannot be valid anymore. The new focal point of security programs that companies need to put in place is the identity.

For this reason, RAD is riding this new Digital Identity wave using an approach focused on business processes and on the usability of the security solutions related to this field. We consider these two aspects are fundamental, this is because we strongly believe that part of security solutions success and efficiency depends on their ability to be “transparent” in term of day-by-day operation impact. ​

In this context, for several years RAD provides to its customers its own competence and expertise matured in Digital Identity filed with the aim of:

  • Provide support in the definition of complete IAM program and strategy that includes identity governance, identity managment, access managment, privileged access managment, multi-factor authentication topics
  • Support its customers in the implementation to build their reference platform to handle the entire identity lifecycle
  • Develop and implement solutions aimed to Privileged Account Management providing at the same time both technical and regulatory support
  • Implement tailored security platforms suitable to thier own needs making them fully integrated with business precesses
  • Optimize and/or ri-develop authentication solutions to make them modern and attack-proof, but at the same time paying attention to the user experience

"La tematica IAM è intrinsicamente complessa e richiede la disciplina che può essere fornita solo da un approccio basato sul program management, e considerando che le esigenze delle aziende in ambito IAM si stanno sempre più diversificando ed espandendo, i programmi IAM stanno diventando una necessità…"