The real richness of our era is the information, in a hyperconnected world every event leave a trace, the military strategy teaches us how much valuable the intelligence could be, having the right information is important in a fight and in most cases is crucial to avoid it.

Many types of intelligence took form in the last years since new communications media are adopted by humans.

Being connected on a single huge network (internet) provided us the perfect media to share real time intelligence, these concern to real world events and information, but the network itself exceed its role of transport media becoming a real source of intelligence when it comes to events that takes place in the cyberspace.

Having powerful insights from reliable intelligence sources makes the difference between analyzing the impacts after an attack and avoid it totally.

Our intelligence services spans between lot of different topics:

Brand Protection

The use of intelligence to prevent threats against a company’s brand

  • Hunt of leaked information about a brand on open networks, deep and dark web
  • Domain name monitoring, for similarity, anomalies and sounds like (Phishing, brand abuse, counterfeit and fraud prevention)
  • Spear Phishing aimed to a Company’s VIP

Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIP)

Search, Provide, Classify, Verify, integrate and automate cyber intelligence feeds.

  • Deployment of the TIP
  • Feed profiled by context (Locality, Industry segment, etc.)
  • Standardized Taxonomy (Stix and Taxii)
  • Integration with major SIEM, fraud preventions platforms and major security ecosystem.
  • Automation and proactive alerting

Financial advanced intelligence

Use of same approach of CTI but with a vertical approach focused on financial context

  • Toxic IBANs, stolen or compromised credit cards, Mule Bank Accounts
  • Targeted banking trojans, and target fraud campaign
  • Evaluation of suspicious transaction with cryptocurrency