Most companies have adopted a “defensive” approach to Cyber Security through traditional tools such as AntiVirus and Firewall. If this approach was valid until a few years ago, today what a company should aim for is an approach capable of “anticipating” attacks that could have very serious consequences.

For this reason, RAD has created different managed services, based on the Google Security Technology Stack and always delivered in H24x 365, adaptable to any type of company, able to face new threats by drastically reducing the risks of data loss or loss of operation (e.g. ransomware).

  • End Point Detection and Responsethis service uses cutting-edge technologies, to be installed on all company devices (PC, Server, Mobile) capable of intercepting any anomaly. These technologies send all the anomalies found to a Cyber Security Operations Center and here, expert analysts deepen all the alerts with additional tools, intercepting any attempted attack. This "detection" phase is followed by the "response" phase which blocks any malicious attempt in the bud.
  • Extended Detection and Response:integrates the alerts coming from the End Point with the alerts obtained from collateral systems such as Access Control, Firewall, Domain Controller ... In this way it is possible to have a more precise correlation between what happens on the End Points and on the surrounding perimeter by increasing the visibility of analysts who are thus able to identify any critical issues more quickly.
  • Network Monitoring (Deep Packet Inspection): using probes integrated within the customer network, our service is able to identify new hosts, exfiltration attempts, connections to addresses reported as malicious by our "intelligence" or suspicious lateral movements (between one device and another). Also in this case our analysts verify the behavior and act, together with the customer's representatives, to eliminate any danger. These services are provided both in traditional environments and to protect OT and IOT environments with particular attention to critical infrastructures.
  • Vulnerability Management: an entry point for cybercriminals is known system vulnerabilities. For this reason, RAD has created a continuous monitoring service for vulnerabilities that may be present in the infrastructure of its customers. In this way, you always have a timely and updated view of the state of vulnerabilities and, by integrating this information into the tools used by analysts, it allows a better response to potential attacks.
  • Security Awareness: unfortunately, it is increasingly evident that most attacks occur due to incorrect behavior of end users. In order to strengthen what is commonly defined as "the weak link in the security chain", RAD offers a training service designed to create the right awareness in end users of Cyber security and to correctly use the IT tools they need.
  • eMail Security: more than a simple anti-spam service, the service proposed by RAD allows you to drastically reduce the number of malicious emails that can arrive in users' mailboxes. The service checks all the attachments in depth by "detonating" them (opening them automatically in protected environments to check for the presence / absence of viruses or malware) and verifies all the "url/links” using constantly updated intelligence systems.

In addition to these services, which are just some of those it can offer to its customers, RAD has implemented a model called BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology). If a company has already made choices and investments in modern Cyber Security technologies, RAD can also perform its service on these technologies, without having to adopt new ones. This model is very useful for enhancing the investments already made by supporting the technologies purchased with a team of experts able to use them in H24 mode, maximizing their effectiveness.