RAD is partner of Siemplify (powered by Google Cloud)!

Siemplify is one of the most complete and advanced Security Orchestration, Atomation & Response (SOAR) solutions on the market, and it is able to support and enhance Cyber Security & Incident Response teams capabilities in terms of effectiveness as well as efficienty: Siemplify  is able to centralize all the involved entities in a potential Security Incident Case, while boasting context and CTI enrichment and providing connectors and proper tools to Respond quickly to a security incident.

For these very reasons we, at RAD, believe that Siemplify is a key tool for every Managed, Detection & Response Team and for customer’s Security Operation Centers.


RAD blue teaming expertise, well established ad recognized by the market during the last years, fits perfectly with Siemplify technology and we believe that cutting edge technology and Cyber Security culture will get along well over time.