ONE IDENTITY Partnership

In a context in which organizations are more and more inclined to adopt SaaS applications and cloud services and “extended” workforce – composed by employees, suppliers and partners – needs to work remotely, it is clear that traditional perimeter has been dissolved. This require a drastic approach change refocusing security strategies. In fact, if before many security strategy elements were based in some ways on company perimeter, today this approach cannot be adopted anymore, The new focal point of the security programs companies need to put in place is the identity.

For quite long time, RAD operates in the field of Digital Identity and during this time RAD acquired expertise and developing specific approaches for each pillars related to digital identities.

Remaining in the field of Digital Identity, companies can have different needs related to those specific sub-topics such as: Access Management & Multi-Factor Authentication, Identity Governance & Administration e Privileged Access Management. Although usually it is normal, and in some way right, approach each of this subject individually, RAD believe that more mature, efficient and effective security strategies needs cooperation between those single fields.

One Identity delivers a unified identity security platform to help customers strengthen their overall cybersecurity posture and protect the people, applications and data essential to business. One identity bring together best-in-class Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), Identity and Access Management (IAM), Privileged Access Management (PAM), and Active Directory Management and Security (ADMS) portfolios into a single, end-to-end solution.

Thanks to this partnership RAD and One Identity customers will be able to develop more effective and more efficient security strategies with the aim to improve their own security posture.

To obtain this objective, companies colud take advantage of both RAD personnel expertise and whole product line provided by One Identity.

LOOKOUT Partnership

RAD has reached a new and important milestone by signing a strategic partnership agreement with Lookout.

The adoption of the BYOD paradigm, the spread of remote working and the use of the cloud made perimeter-based security strategies ineffective.

Lookout's platform offers a complete “endpoint-to-cloud” protection through the Mobile Endpoint Security and Security Service Edge (SSE) solutions. The cloud-delivered approach enables the centralized  enforcement of security policies to control access to the web, SaaS applications and applications deployed on cloud infrastructures or data centers, from any device or network.

Lookout's services perfectly fits with RAD security strategy, further strengthening its offering with solutions for data security, threat protection, cloud risk assessment, user behaviour, compliance and zero-trust.

SYSDIG Partnership

Rad and Sysdig: a strategic partnership to protect cloud-native applications.

The adoption of agile methodologies, DevOps and CI/CD, together with the use of technologies for developing microservice-based applications, introduced new challenges that traditional security tools cannot address.

Sysdig platform fills this gap by enabling the securing and monitoring of applications based on technologies such as containers, orchestrators and cloud.

To manage the new challenges introduced by the adoption of these technologies, Sysdig solution supports multiple use cases in the different steps of the application lifecycle: CODE, BUILD, RUN & RESPOND, offering a unified view and management and leveraging an open-source technology stack.

Rad is proud to announce this important partnership, which perfectly fits the desire to broaden its security offering, in order to meet the new needs coming from the market and its customers.


RAD & Google Security has agreed a new partnership regarding the brand new SIEM by Google.

Chronicle can easily correlate information among several sources thanks to the innovative proposal of a data model defined by Google itself, several out of the box parser for the majority of the technologies and tens of correlation rules ready to use.

Google has chosen RAD pluriannual experience with SIEM technologies and the expertise with other security tools belonging to the Google technological stack (eg Siemplify) to support Italian customer.


Rad has signed partnership with Recorded Future!

Nowadays information sharing and reliable threat intelligence fruition are crucial activities in order to better contextualize entities and threat actors involved in Cyber Security Incidents and be able o proactively prepare yourself to incoming threats.

Here at RAD we think that Recorded Future is the ideal partner due to its specialization into collecting, processing, analyze and share Threat Intelligence.

Recorded Future uses patented Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing methods to continuously collect and organize data from open web, dark web, and technical sources.

Thanks to Recorded Future technologies, RAD is able to support its customers in identifying real threats in the wild, out of customer’s security monitoring perimeter.

XM CYBER Partnership

We are proud to announce that RAD Cyber Security has signed a partnership with XM Cyber.

XM Cyber is on the first line in the Attack Simulation and Attack Path Management landscape and it is the perfect tool to join together two of the many souls RAD has: cyber defense and cyber offense.

With RAD's perspective from both the attacker and the defender side and their leveraging of XM Cyber, our customers will benefit from an automatized detection of the critical paths that may lead to serious consequences with the possibility to better prioritize hardening and/or patching procedures.


RAD & Splunk reinforce the Partnership! During 2021 RAD achieved the ASSOCIATE level certificating already existing company skills derived from years of experience.

RAD strongly believes in Splunk technology and its flexibility which allows vertical Cyber Security Detection & Response competences to be expressed.

Many security solution by Splunk such as Splunk ES and Phantom, side by side with complex app like Security Essentials, allows customer to gain consciousness about monitoring perimeter using advanced framework like MITRE ATT&CK, to enhance alerts efficacy & efficiency e to introduce automatic response that ease threat prevention actions

EXABEAM Partnership

RAD and Exabeam work together! We are proud to announce the start of this precious collaboration with Exabeam. Classified in the 2021 SIEM Gartner quadrant as Leader, Exabeam is defined a Next Gen SIEM because it overlaps advanced technologic layers to the classic SIEM functionalities creating advanced correlations among different sources, detecting advanced threat scenarios and greatly reducing investigation time.

RAD is technologically enthusiast  of Exabeam and strongly believes in the SIEM AUGMENTATION process proposed centralizing Investigation, UEBA, Incident Management and Incident Response modules reducing customer technological and organizational complexity facilitating this approach adoption for both companies with or without an existing SIEM.

Exabeam and RAD shared substantially the same approach to a Next Gen SOC where Analyst job is concentrated on already confirmed and sometimes blocked threat scenarios having an active detection and automatic response.

Rad is a speaker @ItaliaSec 2021

RAD Cyber Security are delighted to announce our participation at the ItaliaSec virtual summit jointly with Cybereason. We will be presenting on Adaptive Incident Response at 13:40 on the 26th October.

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SAILPOINT Partnership

The RAD main objective is to support, suggest and help its customers in the development, the implementation and the adoption of security solutions to allow an effective governance of the access owned by the workforce in relation to all the applications, the data and the organization’s system regardless their location.​

To better respond to the customer needs and with the aim of constantly expand and improve the kwnoledge about Identity Governance & Management topic, RAD has signed a new and important partnership with SailPoint.​

​SailPoint boasts a long-time expertise in this area thanks to its high-specilized solutions in the digitali identity access managment and governance filed. Thanks to the innovative vision that has alway distinguished both SailPoint as organization and its security solutions, SailPoint is the undisputed leader in the related markt. Its solutions offer strong capabilities in the access governance area and at the same time provide and excelent support about the digital identity lifecycle. In addition to providing a whole vision about the identity governance – both in term of the access management to the organization’s system and the unstructured data – SailPoint is the only vendor able to provide a platform based on the artificial intelligence. This specific set of functionalities can simplify the organizational management and speed-up the business processes.​

​This partnership allows RAD to enrich its solution portfolio in the field of Identity Security and at the same time gives SailPoint the possibility to add a long-time experienced system integrator with proven expertise to its partner ecosystem. The definition of a common strategy and the join of thier own specific skills, will give RAD and SailPoint’s customer the possibility to have a team of experienced consultant in this field as well as the cutting-edge governance platform available in the market.