RAD and Exabeam work together! We are proud to announce the start of this precious collaboration with Exabeam. Classified in the 2021 SIEM Gartner quadrant as Leader, Exabeam is defined a Next Gen SIEM because it overlaps advanced technologic layers to the classic SIEM functionalities creating advanced correlations among different sources, detecting advanced threat scenarios and greatly reducing investigation time.

RAD is technologically enthusiast  of Exabeam and strongly believes in the SIEM AUGMENTATION process proposed centralizing Investigation, UEBA, Incident Management and Incident Response modules reducing customer technological and organizational complexity facilitating this approach adoption for both companies with or without an existing SIEM.

Exabeam and RAD shared substantially the same approach to a Next Gen SOC where Analyst job is concentrated on already confirmed and sometimes blocked threat scenarios having an active detection and automatic response.