Today more than ever, companies need to find the right balance between business efficiency and security. If on one hand the ability to collaborate with partners and suppliers in an agile and effective way is a requirement for the organizations, on the other side companies have to pay more and more attention to security threats. Leveraging those threat, attackers try to damage companies through are aimed to damage organizations in several ways such as the unconditional access to sensitive information and its exfiltration. In addition to that, the growing trend regarding the use of SaaS applications and, more in general, of cloud services, make the pursuit of this balance even more complicated. 

In this respect, RAD has developed, matured and proposed to its customer a strategy putting data at the center of security aspects: only operating directly on sensitive information (files, documents, etc.) it is possible to enforce proper security policies able to protect companies’ valuable assets.

With the aim of better support its customers in relation to their data protection needs, a new partnership has been signed between RAD and Thales.

Thales is a global technology leader with more than 81,000 employees on five continents which operates in five vertical markets: digital identity and security, defence and security, aerospace, space, and transport. Thales’s high-tech data protection and access management solutions, help organizations secure and control access for all data, any application, for any user, anywhere and deliver on compliance mandates.

Thanks to this partnership, RAD is able to further improve the methodology RAD has developed since now in the filed of Data Protection and Access Management & Authentication. At the same time, Thales can add to its partner ecosystem a consulting firm with long and proven expertise in the filed of cybersecurity. The main objective of this collaboration is to transform the synergy between RAD and Thales in a valuable resource available for their customers.