The constant growth of cyber attacks organization suffer, makes access management one of the most important element while defining security strategy.

To limit intrusion with the aim of reduce as much as possible the impact caused by an attack, it is fundamental define and enforce access policies to any company’s resource in order to guarantee the principle of least privilege. This is necessary for users don’t have any administrative privileges but become even more essential for the personnel with administrative duties and having credentials with elevated privileges. 

With the aim of support and help our customer in the development and the implementation of security solutions able to protect users and accounts in the field of Privileged Access Management (PAM), RAD signed a strategic partnership with CyberArk.

CyberArk has a long-standing history in the PAM space and the brand is very known in the market. Thank to their history of trendsetting innovations and aggressive expansion of the product line, they are constantly evolving the solution improving the functionalities and expanding the capabilities.

Both RAD and CyberArk consider Privileged Access Management one of the essential security solutions organization need to adopt with the aim of improving their overall security posture.